Bedford Dragon Boat Races 2018 – Guide to Entering a Team

Bedford Dragon Boat Races return for the Bedford River Festival 2018. Do you have what it takes to compete? If you are thinking about putting a dragon boat crew together, then read our guide and find out what you need to know, what to expect and how to apply.

When are the dragon boat races in Bedford?

The dragon boat races take place on Saturday 14th July. They are part of the Bedford River Festival which is one of the largest festivals of its kind.

What experience do you need to be in a dragon boat crew?

You don’t need any previous experience of dragon boat racing, rowing or sailing. All crew members must be over 16 years old, able to swim in light clothing, in moving water and compete entirely at their own risk. The organisers provide qualified helms, buoyancy aids and water safety cover.

How many people are needed to form a dragon boat team?

You’ll need 10 people to paddle each boat, with a drummer at the front and a helm at the tail to steer. The organisers recommend that each team comprises a minimum of 16 members.

Teams can be mixed (a minimum of 7 females in a mixed team), all female or all male. Organisations can enter more than one crew.

How long is the Bedford dragon boat course?

The dragon boats will be racing on an exciting new 200-metre course along the picturesque River Ouse flanked by the new Riverside Bedford development and St Mary’s Gardens.

How many times will each dragon boat team race?

Each dragon boat team is expected to race at least three times.

How many dragon boat teams are there?

Bedford Borough Council organises the River Festival and they have said over 20 dragon boat teams will be participating.

How to apply for the dragon boat races

To apply to take part in the Bedford River Festival dragon boat races, raft races or Carnival Parade please email [email protected]

What’s it like being in a dragon boat race?

Watch this GoPro view of a dragon boat team in action.

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